Facilities Alarm Systems, S.A (INSA). In the hands of a human group with extensive experience (over more than 30 years) within the residential and business security.

The project began with the abc alarm and with great illusion, has increasingly become due to new technologies, a constant evolution, CCTV, IP cameras, media Sophisticated Anti-intrusion, Video-analysis, etc etc.


OWe offer Security, Peace and Control. Our human and technical staff team gives personalized service that sets us apart from other companies. We capture the needs of our clients, and we recommend the best options for your needs.

The equipment, are of the best brands, with an optimum value.

The After sales service is a quality that distinguishes us as we realize all brands on the market as well as the continuous advice to all our clients.

Affordable monthly installments.


Personal service to our customers, we do our utmost to resolve any issues, which have, by poor after-sales service, industry bodies and become their security consultants to advise and make poderles Customers and friends.