In Instalaciones de Sistemas de Alarma, S.A. (INSA), dedicated to the protection of persons and property. We are approved and trained to detect errors, analyze and help prevent them, to prevent reoccurrence.

For over 30 years, we have come a road filled with many challenges with blind confidence in our work, seriousness and professionalism maxima. From the beginning, we tried to differentiate ourselves as a local company, the majors, giving a personalized, as each client is different and special, (not a number).

Facilities and services throughout Catalonia. Headquartered in Barcelona.

About us


Closed circuit television or CCTV (stands for closed circuit television), is a technology videovigilanciadiseñada to monitor a variety of environments and activities.

Anti intrusion systems

Anti-intrusion systems and alarms designed to fully protect installations, detect security incidents and issue warnings.

IP Cameras

IP surveillance is a visual surveillance technology that combines the benefits of analog surveillance traditional with digital advantages of IP communication networks.

Video analysis

The main application of intelligent video surveillance systems is the perimeter security.


Detection of incidents of various kinds through visualization and sampling of the videos recorded by a CCTV system.

Central Station

It is the control center for receiving, monitoring and verification of the signals emitted by the System Security 24h.

Optical fog

In a few seconds the Fogger fills the room with dense fog protection harmless